#28 5.31.11

Chip Lord is a digital media artist best known for his work with the alternative architecture and media collective known as Ant Farm, which he co-founded in 1968. Merging social observation with satirical humor, Chip Lord's work focuses on American myths and icons, from the cult of the automobile to baseball, advertising, suburbia and television. To Lord, collective identity and everyday life are defined by the consumer-based, media-driven culture of the postwar American Dream.

Brian Karl is a writer, editor, producer, and curator, specializing in new media. He is currently program director at the Headlands Center For The Arts

jessica theroux is an artist, chef, and author of Cooking With Italian Grandmothers

Naya Peterson is the owner of Fire Escape Farms, a gardening shop that provides supplies, tools and resources for urban, edible gardening.