#29 Inverness! 6.18.11

Mariah Nielson, Founder and Director of the J.B. Blunk Residency, Director of the J.B. Blunk estate, J.B.'s daughter,  and curator at the Museum of Craft + Design

Wendy McNaughton, artist, illustrator, and journalist

Amy Franceschini, artist, designer, founder of Future Farmers, Free Soil, and the SF Victory Garden Project

Stijn Schiffeleers, artist, curator

Brian Karl, writer, editor, producer, curator, and program director at the Headlands Center For The Arts

Ruth Kempton, farmer, yoga instructor, chef, Amy F.'s mom

Adrian Colburn, artist

Ashley Helvey, felt artist

Rick Yoshimoto, ceramicist, long time J.B. Blunk associate

Sean Thackrey, Bolinas winemaker, archivist, historian (great video profile here)

Kevin Binkert, president of Standard Metal Products 

Chris Balogh

fried artichokes with smoked salt and yuzu kosho

mussel, salicornia, beach weeds, wildflowers (all foraged from Laird's Landing)

fava, corn, asparagus, shitake, nasturtium

greens, roots, salad

blueberry rhubard galette