#25 2.22.11

Mirah Zeitlyn, musician

Ken Foster, executive director of YBCA

Tammy Rae Carland, artist and photographer

Courtney Dailey, artist and curator

Wendy McNaughton, artist and illustrator


Tartine walnut levain with goats cheeses

tartlets with Bellweather sheep ricotta, artichoke, dill, and piment d'esplette

wild mushrooms (black trumpets, yellow foots, chanterelles, hedgehogs), spinach with sesame miso sauce, burdock and turnips braised in soy and sake, nettle-leek soubise

Little City Gardens salad with shaved carrot, radish, and fennel, ruby red grapefruit supremes, and roasted baby golden beet

rosemary hazelnut cookies

Mirah's special reserve homemade ume plum liquor