#21 10.31.10 COPENHAGEN

Lars Williams, chef, head of Research and Development for The Nordic Food Lab, and has cooked at Noma, The Fat Duck, WD-50, and Aquavit

Kent Hansen, artist, curator and theorist, initiator of democratic innovation, co-founder of the artists run television station tv-tv, organizer in the interplay between art, organizations and working life issues

Tina Brinchmann Jensen, staff academic consultant for the Social Democrats at the Danish Parliament

Anthony Graves, American artist working with the Camel Collective in Copenhagen

Colin Connors, Viking Age Archeologist and wild foods researcher

Bonnie Fortune, artist, writer, and educator. In her work, she investigates health, affect, landscape, and ecology.

Brett Bloom, co-founder of Temporary Services and Half Letter Press, teaches art at Det Jyske Kunstakademi in Aarhus

Berit N├śrgaard, socially-engaged artist

Kirsten Dufour, politically-engaged artist working with YNKB (Outer Norrebro Cultural Bureau)

Finn Thybo Anderson, artist also with YNKB

Daved Barry, professor at the Copenhagen Business School

Roberto Verganti, professor of management and innovation at Politecnico di Milano, author of Design Driven Innovation – Changing the Rules of Competition by Radically Innovating what Things Mean. Harvard Business Press, 2009