#18 in Brooklyn 7.29.10

Josh Viertel, President, Slow Food USA

Jill Magid, artist

Marisa Jahn, artist, curator, writer, designer, activist

Jennifer Rubell, creates participatory large-scale food projects that are a hybrid of performance art,
installation art, and happenings

Meredith Johnson, Curator and Director of Consulting at Creative Time

Curt Ellis, co-creator of the documentaries "King Corn" and "The Greening of Southie”, co-founder of Wicked Delicate

Ben Flanner, head farmer at Brooklyn Grange, co-founder of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

Annie Novak, founder and director of Growing Chefs, children’s gardening program coordinator for the New York Botanical Gardens, co-founder and farmer of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, filmmaker  

Francis Lam, head food writer for Salon.com

Christine Gaspar, Executive Director of The Center For Urban Pedagogy

Tracy Candido, Sweet Tooth Of The Tiger

Kate Gilmore, artist

Sarah Nelson Wright, media artist

Allison Danielle Behrstock, artist and activist

Courtenay Finn, independent curator

Andrew Cyr, artistic director of the Metropolis Ensemble

Coralina Meyer, artist

Mark Gravel, foodist

Gordon Jenkins, Network Engagement manager, Slow Food USA

Naomi Starkman, food policy media consultant, founder of Civil Eats and Kitchen Table Talks

Paula Crossfield, managing editor of Civil Eats

Adam Kleinman, curator

Vera Fabian, garden education coordinator, New York Restoration Project

Annaliese Griffin, journalist, senior editor at Brooklyn Based

Juliana Sabinson, artist   

Caitlin Boyle, founder of Film Sprout

Erin Molnar, Slow Food USA intern

Thanks to Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm (in Queens) and Eagle Street rooftop farm (Greenpoint, Brooklyn) for the majority of the fine produce for this meal and thank you Josh and Juliana for opening up your home to us.