#15 4.27.10

Natasha Wheat  , socially-engaged artist and founder of Project Grow

Amy Balkin ,
artist, recent projects include Public Smog, Invisible-5 and This is the Public Domain

Zoey Kroll,

Leah Rosenberg,
artist and pastry chef

Christian Frock,
independent curator and writer

Phil Ross,
research based artworks that place natural systems within a frame of social and historic contexts and founder of CRITTER, a salon for the natural sciences in San Francisco

Hiroko Kikuchi,
continues the development of Fluxus-inspired Instruction work and Performance Art and deals with themes of cultural identity

Katrina Dodson,
weird vegetable advocate and doctoral candidate in comparative literature

Jim Denevan,
artist, chef, and founder of Outstanding In The Field

Thy Tran , food academic and founder of the Asian Culinary Forum

cucumbers with lavender salt

tepary beans with ginger, thai chile, lime leaf
sauteed greens with leeks
roasted roots, morels, and asparagus

assorted cakes, cookies, rhubarb compote, and olive oil ice cream

black trumpet vodka