#14 3.24.10

Emily Cohen, farmer and organizer

Daniel Gallegos, artist and Chez Panisse employee

Zhanara Nauruzbayeva, Phd candidate in anthropology, she explores how the changing domain of ‘art’ shapes and is shaped by emerging configurations of class, transnational capital, and the nation-state in post-socialist Kazakhstan

Bill Jacobs, biodiesel automechanic

ovella Carpenter, writer and urban farmer

Sasha Wizansky, designer, editor, founder of Meatpaper

Suzanne Husky, artist exploring problematics relating to the exploitation of natural resources, landscape use and globalization

Elyse Mallouk, artist and writer

Jerome Waag, Chez Panisse chef, artist, founder of OPENrestaurant

Corinne Almquist, gleaning activist

Tartine breads with Novella's goat cheeses
Sangre de Toro and Rebosero beans
golden turnips, purple potatoes, asparagus, greens, cauliflower mushrooms
Little City Gardens mesclun
Coconut panna cotta